Our Equipment

Hose Crimping Machine - We can crimp 2-wire and 4-wire braid hose. It has a crimping range from 1/4" to 1 1/2".

Cylinder Extractor - 40 ft long and has the capability of pulling 38 feet of rod with 30 tons of pulling force.

Nut Buster - removes galled head glands and rod assembly nuts and detorques and torques up to 78,000 ft lbs. or roughly 40 tons of twisting force.

15 ft Cylinder Extractor - useful for smaller jobs

Test Bench - helps disassemble and assemble all hydraulic cylinders; performs internal/external leakage tests; tests some of our motors and spool valve assemblies

Upright Cylinder Stand - for doing multi-stage cylinders

Machine Area- welds, fabricates and machines new cylinder components such as rod assemblies, head glands, pistons, bushings, pins, etc.

Lapping Machine - resurfaces all internal flat surface parts for pumps and motors within 3 lightbands which is equivalent to 3 millionths of an inch of flatness

Hurricane - Powered by 350hp diesel engine. Tests open loop up to 4 individual hydraulic flows, which can be monitored separately or altogether through one of 3 flow meters. Can test closed loop hydraulic flows as well as finding sides of center automatically.